When the mood hits …

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything… I feel like all my blog posts start this way but you know… life! Nevertheles, I’ve still been creating; now the spirit is moving me to write about my creations.

I have in mind this stunning jacket/duster I created about 3 months ago, first let me ask my “Sew-lovers” a question, now I know like myself most of you visit fabric stores weekly for no reason at all, or we may have just gone for a spool of thread but we end up buying fabric loads for no reason. Well, I shouldn’t say no reason, we always have a plan in mind, some great  design idea depending on  hat weekend’s inspiration, some technique we always wanted to try and we saw the fabric type just perfect for it; or simply put, there was a sale and we had coupons (Damn you Joann’s Fabric and your coupons!!) All that to say us sew-Lovers are fabric hoarders and with that in mind, I do not feel too bad that my place resembles an entire fabric store.

Now with that in mind, you must understand that there is fabric I have had just here sitting here looking at me for years, literally  but I do not worry because I know some day, at the right time, a design or look for that fabric will hit me and I will be moved to create something amazing.

I have just explained what happened to me with this jacket I’m going to write about, that particular weekend in December I actually wasn’t feeling like my creative self, the week had taken a toll on me, to be honest I felt drained and I was grateful for the weekend, my daughter was spending the weekend with her Dad and I woke that Saturday morning looking forward to day of Netflix and sleep but as I was drinking my morning tea this sparkling fabric was looking at me so I sat and looked right back at it as I drank my tea. As I drank my tea I knew I had plans to go to Wynwood Artwalk later that evening, I didn’t have an  outfit in mind, figured I would pull something simple out my closet since it’s a street art festival, lots of walk, lots of amazing art, a night to be comfortable.

Sidenote> for those of you who do not what Wynwood Art Festival is, if ever you are in the Miami are you must check it out, especially my cultural art lovers. It happens every 2nd Saturday of the month, where the streets are closed down and art and creative vendors  are everywhere, captivating grafitti on the walls, vendors displaying their art along the street, art galleries are crowded, food trucks are everywhere and the block parties in between are….”lit”.

Back to the fabric still looking at me, then I got this idea for this duster/kimono look and I could wear it to the Artwalk, the fabric is sparkly, its colorful, its louds, its perfect!! I got to it immediately, didn’t even finish my tea.

This project took over my day, in a good way of course, by Mid-day, this is what I was working with:

And here is the result!

My friend and I had  a blast at ArtWalk, by the way, I must add, she is also an amazing designer and artist known to most as ‘Ms. Felony’ with her own clothing line  “Nandzins Pole Wear” focused on Pole Fitness and of course if you are in the Miami area you must check out her studio , Pole Felony Fitness and take a class or two or three ! , I’m sure after one class with her, you will be hooked!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh and if you asked what is in my head, well it’s a brooch of course ( one of my many obsessions…antique brooches) , I try adorn my ASMI headwraps on  a regular basis!

Art Walk Blog Photo 12

I do hope  you enjoyed this lengthy read as much as I enjoyed writing about telling you all about it!

Blog to you later xx

Tie – Dye Twinning !!!

I’ve been laying low for  a while… for the past couple weeks there has been constant rain and thunderstorms here in Florida; limiting our Summer activities. During this type of weather I prefer to stay in, bond with my sewing machine, sort my fabric, watch some Netflix…you know…the introverted part of me takes over.

It was during this time that I found this fabric I’ve had for years, side note, I feel like I say this in every blog post but its true!! At least it gives you an idea of how much I hoard  fabric!  Anyway, I found a small piece of Tie-dye fabric I had left over from a dress I made for myself (no idea where that dress is…currently looking for it), turns out it was the perfect amount yardage needed to make an adorable dress for my daughter.

I also found some other Tie-Dye Fabric I bought only about a year ago and of course I decided to also make myself  a similar style dress.

This jersey type fabric has such  a comfortable feel that  I felt to make a cute off-shoulder dress for her and a “Muumuu” type dress for me. I do love a Muumuu!!

Check out the process below:


Here’s the result… my daughter loved every bit of this process!!

My beautiful Babygirl!


  • ASMI Turban-Style HeadBand
  • ASMI Off-Shoulder Tie Dress
  • Payless Summer Sandals

By the way, while Summer shopping we found these sandals at Payless; for simple summer sandals, the price was perfect!! Baby girl picked hers and I found a matching pair! Check them out, there is an on-going sale there 60-80% off, now thats a deal!



  • ASMI Head Wrap
  • ASMI Off-Shoulder Tie Dress


I enjoyed making these dresses and I will definitely be making more of these headbands, Babygirl just loves them!

As always, Thanks for reading!

Till next time xx




A Touch of Gold…

So let’s talk about the story behind this neck piece… where do I begin?

Let’s start with the beautiful African Print Fabric used for the tie detail. For my ‘Sew Lovers’ out there, has this ever happened to you?

You buy a fabric that you absolutely love…you have so many ideas…but you have fallen in love this fabric so you don’t want to choose the wrong design idea and destroy it…so you decide to save it…it sits there…for years!!!

Well, that’s exactly what happened here, in fact, this happens to me quite a bit but thats another story; you can only imagine the amount of fabric that’s accumulating around me.

To add to this situation, I did not buy too much of this fabric, at the time I decided to buy just a little to brainstorm over and then return to buy some more once I decide on my exact design. But of course, by the time I returned to the store all of the gorgeous African prints were  sold out .

Back to the drawing board…now I did not have enough fabric for the design I had in mind so I chose to utilize a gold sequined appliqué  (which has also been sitting there for years) and make an accessory piece.

Here’s a bit of the brainstorming process:

Initially I thought about making a complete neck piece using only this fabric or a belt but I decided to add a touch of gold… this stunning appliqué that I purchased about 4 years ago while at home in Barbados. (I should confess to my weakness of collecting fabric, appliqués, trimmings, sewing machines…buttons… all things sewing related!!)

But with a bit of changes here is the result!

We all know there are endless options for wearing this neck piece but here are a couple summer looks!

Paired with some Satin pants:


  • ASMI Gold Embellished Neck Piece
  • Forever 21 White Bodysuit
  • Forever 21 Green Satin High Waisted Pants
  • Steve Madden Reno Sandals (available at DSW)

Or for a ‘Pool Side Summer’ look:


  • ASMI Gold Embellished Neckpiece
  • Forever 21 Netted Cami Bodysuit
  • Steve Madden Reno Sandals (available at DSW)


Now what would you pair this neck piece with? Also,  I do have a small amount of this fabric left, what should I make next? Any ideas??

As always, Thanks for reading!

Till next time xx




In Love…with Lace!!!

Like the title of this blog states, I am a lover of lace, I’ve always loved the delicate nature of this fabric, its simplicity, elegance  and of course, its versatility.  A Lace look can be worn for any occasion and in any season so of course whenever I see lace fabric I just have to  buy a few yards without even knowing what I will create.

That was exactly the case with this look! I did have  in mind a long, flowing skirt but I wasn’t sure of the top or if I would make a dress instead. I played  around with a few ideas but I finally decided on the skirt with side zip and a top that ties at both sides of the waist and at your shoulders. This is a look that’s perfect for the summer since it can simply be worn over any swimsuit or, (with the right lining/under-piece) it is  great for any evening event.

Here’s a bit of the making of this look:

But of course, I am a denim girl at heart and what I love about this design is that it can be worn in a variety of ways; thats another reason why  I decided to make 2 separate pieces instead of a dress.

Here is how I wore the top with a pair of distressed jeans:

Outfit details:

  • ASMI Tie-Waist Lace Top
  • American Eagle Super Hi-Rise Jeggings
  • ASMI HeadWrap
  • 14th & Union Catarina Stiletto Sandals

But I am loving the full look…

Outfit Details:

  • ASMI Tie-Waist Lace Top
  • ASMI Lace Side-Zip Skirt
  • ASMI Head Wrap
  • 14th & Union Catarina Stiletto Sandals (available at Nordstrom Rack)

I must add with almost everything that I make I design, initially, I am unsure of the end result and on quite a few occasions I am sorely disappointed; but this is one of those times that I am truly pleased with the result!

Now tell me, how do you wear your lace?

As always, thanks for reading!



Feeling Pretty in Pink!!


What has been your ‘Go to’ color for Summer thus far?? Mine has been Pink! But come to think of it I’ve been drawn to Pink/Blush tones since Fall last year… but who cares the season?? I’m loving the looks!!

With that said, it was  on my last visit to my favorite fabric spot that I saw this particular fabric and  fell in LOVE it because of  its soft blush tone and peacock feathered print. ( I also happen to love peacocks…) Not only was I drawn to this fabric because of its print and color but it’s also extremely soft, comfortable and breathable. This fabric type is absolutely perfect for this Summer heat when clothes seem like your enemy!

Time to start sewing! To be honest, this sheer, soft fabric gave me hell to stitch on and usually I stay away from it because of this reason, it slides everywhere!! But Thanks to my Serger I got through it!

Initially, I wasn’t exactly sure what would be the end result (which is almost always the case with my designs) but I knew my goal was some some type of Duster style that can be worn over my swim suit or even over some pants. I even found some beads, actually I think they are hair beads, but I decided to throw them in the mix.

Tell me what you think! How would you have worn this ASMI duster? Which look do you prefer? and for my “Sewists” out there or fellow Sew Lovers, feel free to share any tips you have for sewing on this thin Chiffon type Fabric! Photos below 🙂



With the Swimsuit…



  • ASMI Beaded Tie-Front Duster
  • Ritchie Swimwear Embellished Swimsuit

Without the Swimsuit…


  • ASMI Beaded Tie-Front Duster
  • H&M Slim Leg High Waist Pant
  • Bandeau Bra “Look” – actually a Jcrew scarf creatively wrapped 😉
  • Steve Madden Blush Heels

Close Up Beaded Detail…

As always, Thanks for reading!!


Tropical Vibes!!!

So this I made this skirt a couple months ago and it has easily become one of a favorite of mine. I actually bough this fabric late last year, I paid a visit to one of my favorite fabric stores in North Miami; this particular store is good for finding your one-of-a-kind fabric; its there one week then the next its gone.

So as I walked in this print caught my eye, it gave me “Barbados” vibes, of course I got a bunch of it, truthfully I should have gotten more, since of course when I returned the next week they were all out…(insert frustrated emoji here)

While I said this fabric was giving me Barbados vibes, my daughter said it made her think of Disney character “Moana”, her current fave along with Elsa and Princess Sofia.

With this fabric I decided to make a versatile two-piece “Tropical Vibes” skirt which I wore in a couple ways (see below) and of course a cute “Moana” shorts for baby girl.

Photos show us having fun in these pieces and also added other ways this skirt can be worn.






Feel free to comment, tell me which look you preferred, tell me how you would wear this skirt! and of course, thanks for reading!!